1. Occasional table Atmosphere
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2. Diningtable & bench Atmosphere


Diningtable & bench Atmosphere
Available Sizes Table:

Diningtable Atmosphere-160, Hardwood, W160xD90xH78cm.

Diningtable Atmosphere-180, Hardwood, W180xD90xH78cm.

Diningtable Atmosphere-200/90, Hardwood, W200xD90xH78cm.

Available Sizes Benches:

Diningbench Atmosphere-138, Hardwood, W138xD40xH38cm.

Diningbench Atmosphere-158, Hardwood, W158xD40xH38cm.

Diningbench Atmosphere-178, Hardwood, W178xD40xH38cm.

Diningbench Atmosphere-218, Hardwood, W218xD40xH38cm.
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3. Sidetables Atmosphere
Sidetables Atmosphere
Available Sizes:

Sidetable Atmosphere-80, Hardwood, W80xD38xH78cm.

Sidetable Atmosphere-120, Hardwood, W120xD40xH78cm.

Sidetable Atmosphere-160, Hardwood, W160xD40xH78cm.
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4. Coffeetable Atmosphere
Coffeetable Atmosphere

Available Sizes:

Coffeetable Atmosphere-110, Hardwood, W110xD60xH45cm.

Coffeetable Atmosphere-130, Hardwood, W130xD60xH45cm.
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5. TV-stand Atmosphere
TV-stand Atmosphere
Hardwood. W110xD55xH80cm. Space behind the doors 63x51x45cm. The open space above the doors is 70x53x12cm. The internal measurements of the draws is 14x48x16cm.
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6. Cabinet Atmosphere
Cabinet Atmosphere
Hardwood, W110xD50xH200cm. Behind the door there are 3 shelfs in a space of 104x43x159cm. The inside measurements of the drawers are 46x42,5x15cm.
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7. TV-Sideboard Atmosphere
TV-Sideboard Atmosphere
Hardwood, W210xD60xH110cm.The space behind the slide-in doors is 88x52x58cm.Below is a open space of 75x50x10cm. for Video- or DVD-player
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8. Sideboard Atmosphere
Sideboard Atmosphere
Hardwood, W180xD50xH100cm. Hardwood. Behind the doors in the middle there is an open space of 85x43x64cm.
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9. Cupboard Atmosphere
Cupboard Atmosphere
Hardwood, W150xD50xH218cm. Behind each slide-door there is a shelf
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